Court Hire

Court Hire  

Tennis Townsville has 16 hard-courts, all with lights, that can be booked by the public. Nine of the courts are located on the northern side of Burke Street and seven courts on the southern side of Burke Street in Queens Park.

 Book-A-Court Online to secure your court            


  • Online Booking System: (only for courts 10 to 16 located at the Vic Bayer Centre in Queens Park).                                  Please note: With the Book-A-Court system only 4 courts have lights - Courts 10, 11, 12 and 13.

The general public is welcome, but to book a court on the website you must be a REGISTERED user.

It is easy to register, and anyone can become a registered user.  

Please follow instructions below if you are a NEW user.   

{Record of your Password.  Also Accounts can be created on your *Social account FaceBook or *Google and often on your *Email address -  record which email is used when creating your account}.

Always Refresh your screen!

Allow 20 minutes from the time you booked to access the gate.

 Process for Booking a Court online with Book-A-Court

  • enter '4810' postcode, 'North Ward' to find Tennis Townsville

  • Select court, time and day you wish to play.

(You may book up to two weeks in advance).

  • Make a card payment.  (Prices below)

  • You will be issued with a PIN number usually to your Mobile.                                                     {Important to keep a record of that 4 digit number}.


Reminder: Allow 20 minutes from the time you booked to access the gate.

On arrival at the court gate (at Vic Bayer Centre in Queens Park) enter your Pin number code on the Key pad near the gate. The gate should automatically open.

The lights are controlled by a Light Sensor to come on, on your selected court. Importantly, enter the Pin number to initiate the booking, even if the gates are open.

The Pin number must be entered for the lights to come on.

If your booking has been washed out, contact the office to re-book for another time.

Remember to use your pin code to activate the lights and gain access.



Casual use

General members

Fixture members

Platinum members







(6 pm to 10pm)





Day = all other hours (before 6 pm Monday-Saturday, all day Sunday)

Night times = Monday to Saturday from 6.00pm

Example of the email Players receive to register on the Book-A-Court system.


  • During office hours tennis racquets and balls are available for hire


Mobile 0407186153
Address 20 Burke Street North Ward

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