Strong Hitters Group Sessions

Do you want to improve your game? Build your skills and confidence as a strong and quick player whose technique highlights power and who likes to take risks on court?

If yes - this is the right class for you!

The Strong Hitting Group Sessions are 90min sessions, for the remainder of 2022 these sessions are being ran at 8.30am on Sundays.

Please register below which day you would like to participate.

Tennis Townsville's Strong Hitters Group aims to teach players to hit grand, crosscourt shots, in preparation for a down the line attack. Strong Hitters will also help you build an accurate backhand, and an offset forehand as well. 

Make it hard for your opponents to play against you by learning how to take long, fast, and deep shots and rapidly changing the ball’s direction. Start your game play with a powerful serve or return in order to start out aggressively and then approach the net as soon as possible to finish with a volley or smash.

Join our Strong Hitters group today and been trained by our Head Coach, Dan Swords.


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