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Junior Coaching at Tennis Townsville

Please read below for explanation if you're not sure what class to register your child. If you have any concerns or questions about which class is the right fit, please call our Head Coach, Dan Swords on 0417 889 042.

Important Links for Juniors Tennis

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  • Term 4 Weekly Tennis Programs - AGES 7-12
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The table below shows all the programs on offer with Tennis Townsville.


Beginners - Hot Shots Red Ball

Saturday 8:30am - 60min

Monday 3:45pm - 60min

Tuesday 3:45pm - 60min

Thursday 4:00pm - 60min

3–6 years

(Red Ball)


Beginners to Intermediate - Hot Shots Orange Ball

Saturday 8:30 - 90 min

7–10 years

(Orange Ball)

7–10 years REGISTER HERE

Intermediate - Hot Shots Green/Yellow Ball

Saturday 8:30am - 90 min

Monday 4:15pm - 90 min

Tuesday 4:00pm - 90 min

7–12+ years

7–12+ years REGISTER HERE

Intermediate to Advanced - Hot Shots Green/Yellow Ball

Saturday 8:30am - 90 min

Tuesday 4:15pm - 90 min

9 - 17 years


In-house Junior Fixtures

FRIDAYS from 5.00 PM TO 7.00 PM.

Singles matches against other players on the day. 


About Tennis Townsville Programs

Get your child involved in Tennis Hot Shots!

Hot Shots is based on a “learning-through-play” philosophy meaning that playing the game of tennis is the central feature of each session.

Smaller courts, racquets and softer tennis balls makes it possible to develop children’s skills faster, which helps kids to quickly build confidence. The red, orange, green stages offer a clear pathway for skill development and improvement.

Our Juniors Programs follow the Tennis Australia Hot Shots framework that focuses on:

  • FUN Players are actively engaged, excited and motivated to participate.
  • PLAY  Players think and make decisions about meaningful tennis situations.
  • SOCIAL  Players build social skills such as working cooperatively with a partner, building friendships, encouraging teammates and showing sportsmanship during game play.
  • SKILLS  Players have plenty of opportunities to improve their tennis skills.

Tennis Hot Shots has programs designed to help every child, no matter their age or ability, jump in and start playing tennis. It is played on smaller courts with modified equipment, including lighter racquets, lower nets and low compression balls that don’t bounce too high. 

Tennis Hot Shots is not only heaps of fun, it’s also a great way to encourage your kids to maintain an active lifestyle.

Each lesson takes place in an environment which promotes participation and inclusion. They are run in small groups where kids are introduced to a sport they can play for life.

Kids get involved through coaching, and move into Match Play, with the possibility of gradually leading into tournament participation and Club Tennis. The Kids who become involved in Match Play will learn the basics of game play, as well as scoring.

More about our Intermediate Level 

Play Faster, Fitter, Stronger Smarter tennis! Our high performance squads focus on hitting with intensity, passion and a real purpose. Learn how to maintain concentration and a high playing level for longer periods.

At this level players are introduced to more advanced strokes and patterns of play. They are also introduced to singles and doubles play. Coaching provides players with competitiveness and fun, and they are much more time effective.  Group situations allow the coach to create new and interesting drills while still focusing on repetition. 

We also offer Advanced Junior Development which is for players interested in increasing participation in tournaments and further developing and improving their tennis skills (advanced strokes, patterns of play, tactics and strategies) and is directed at players 9 to 17 years.

Does my child need to bring anything?

It is recommended that your child wears comfortable sports clothes, runners, a hat, hand sanitiser and bring their own bottle of water with them. All equipment supplied (including racquets).

  1. Register ABOVE  under your class 
  1. An automated notification will confirm your child’s enrollment  and has more information
  1. Your child attends their first session 
  1. Watch as your child start their tennis journey 


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