Men's Tennis League

Men's Tennis League


Format Men's  Tennis League

  • Players will be placed in two pools: A grade , B grade.
  • A grade and B grade players will play under a rotation format.
  • Each team to comprise of 2 men who play on the night.
  • A grade players will play with only in the A grade group.
  • B grade players can advance to A grade group if the previous needs fills-in for the night.
  • The top in the ranking B grade players will be first to advance to A grade group if needed for the night.
  • The points that they will be accumulated they will be added to their rankings in B grade ladder.
  • At the end of the normal season the player that finishes top on each grade  will be named as No1 and will be awarded.
  • On the finals everyone plays for their final ranking.
  • The top eight players will play semi finals.
  • The top four players will split in two teams to compete and obtain their final position and will play the final game on the grand finals night.
  • The No 1 with No 2 will form a team and the No 3 and No4 the other team.
  • The single games No1 will Vs No 4 and No 2 Vs No 3.
  • Same applies with the rest of the players.
  • Reserve players are welcome, please contact fixtures coordinator Zac Mavris on the phone: 0429894291 to express your Interest.
  • Players to be Members
  • Super League - one match, best of three sets
  • Each player participates in three sets on the night
  • All sets are first to 6 games, tie breaker at 5 all
  • Commencing at 6.45pm 

Points allocated


Win on games – 3 points


Loss on games – 2 point


Each set won   – 3 point


If there is a  draw on games then - 3 point awarded to each player in total


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