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Tennis Townsville's Head Coach, Dan Swords, conducts Before and After School tennis coaching sessions at several schools around Townsville.  


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These school coaching programs feed into the programs conducted at Tennis Townsville.
For more information on the school coaching programs, please contact Dan on 0417 889 042.



Tennis Townsville Head Coach Dan Swords provides funded tennis coaching within the school curriculum to children attending Primary Education. This is funded through ‘Sporting Schools’ and is therefore free to primary aged children attending schools which have enrolled into the ‘Sporting Schools’ initiative.

Curriculum Tennis is taught within physical education lessons or at an alternative time suitable to your school. This initiative enables all primary school aged children access to learn tennis with a qualified and experienced tennis coach.

  • Free Coaching Programme at School
  • Sign up your School now with Dan directly.  0417889 042
  • Every child in your School can experience tennis.

Phone 07 4721 5129
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Address 20 Burke Street North Ward

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